Thursday, December 16, 2010

Prudential : Pruhealth Medical Card, The plan that pays you when you're healthy, pays your bill when you're not

Most of us realise the importance of having a medical plan to safeguard ourselves against unexpected and costly major medical bills. More often than not, we pay our premiums every year without fail for round-the-clock protection. However, not all of us make a claim each and every year.

What if you can now purchase a plan that rewards you with yearly bonuses of up to RM500 when you do not make a claim, whilst you continue to enjoy peace of mind through the comprehensive health and medical coverage?

Introducing PRUhealth a regular premium medical rider that:

  • Gives you bonuses when you are healthy
  • Takes care of your medical bills when you are not

You will also be issued a PRUassist card, giving you access to 24-hour, worldwide, Emergency Medical Assistance.

What do I get?

  • COMPREHENSIVE coverage for hospitalisation and surgery bills
  • AUTOMATIC UPGRADE OPTION of your PRUhealth plan*
  • CHOICE to CHANGE your coinsurance option
  • An option to WAIVE the annual claims limit*
  • CHOICE of plans to suit your budget
  • Coverage of up to age 100

You can select a plan of your choice:

With PRUHealth as your medical card, you can be can be sure of easy hospital admission. Just present the PRUHealth medical card upon hospital admission.

PRUHealth covers comprehensively the hospital bill which will include:-
a) Doctor Consultation Fee
b) Surgical Costs (minor and major)
c) Medicine
d) ICU
e) Room Fee
f) Pre-Hospitalization
g) Post-Hospitalization
h) Day Surgery Benefit
i) Cancer Treatment
j) Kidney Dialysis
k) International Coverage

Coinsurance is a cost-sharing arrangement under which the policyholder pays a specified percentage of the cost of an eligible benefit. If coinsurance is selected, policyholder will have to pay 10% of cost of an eligible benefit, subject to minimum coinsurance amount of RM300 and maximum coinsurance amount of RM1,000 for Hospital & Surgical Benefit, and maximum coinsurance amount of RM2,000 for Outpatient Treatment Benefit. The remaining balance is paid by the Company up to the annual limit.

On the other hand, deductible is a fixed amount the policyholder must first pay regardless of the total cost of an eligible benefit (excluding cost of daily room & board) for any one disability during a 90-day period. If deductible of RM3,000 or RM10,000 is selected, policyholder will have to pay the first RM3,000 or RM10,000 of the total cost of an eligible benefit (excluding cost of daily room & board). The remaining balance is paid by the Company up to annual limit.

** PRUhealth 500 and PRUhealth 600 are only available when PRUmedic auto upgrade is attached to PRUhealth 300 and PRUhealth 400 plans. This benefit cannot co-exist with PRUannual limit waiver.

How much do I pay?
The premium that you pay for a PRUhealth plan is determined by your age, occupation class and plan type, subject to underwriting.

To find out more
You can take up PRUhealth when you purchase PRUlink one or PRUmy child policies.

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