Saturday, February 19, 2011

Prudential : Features of good medical card

If you are looking for good medical card , you should consider all these criterias..

1. Does the medical card has portfolio withdrawal condition

2. When you upgrade or take the room that slightly expensive than the plan , do they charge you 20% co-insurance?

3. Does the plan provides you with Allowances to cover the co-insurance?

4. Please look at the inner limit , how much are the limits for cancer treatment and kidney dialysis?

5. Claim reputation ( How easy to do claim)

6. The medical card must be guarantee renewal.

7. Does the plan rewards you with incentive when you dont claim?

8. Please look at annual limit and lifetime limit. The limit must be decently enough for medical treatments.

9. Can you waive annual limit in order to use your lifetime limit anytime you want.

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